Towns in the Area

Bourne - 5 miles

Bourne is a market town on the western edge of The Fens, in southern Lincolnshire. The town owes its origin to the Roman road upon which it was built.

Peterborough - 11 miles

The City of Peterborough offers all city amenities, including Queensgate and Serpentine Green shopping centres and the Showcase Cinema.

Spalding - 14 miles

Spalding is a peaceful market town and stands midway between Boston and Peterborough with road and rail links with neighbouring towns.

Stamford - 10 miles

The town of Stamford is home to so many art attractions and it would be remiss not to mention the wonderful Burghley House and Burghley Park

Baston Fen Nature Reserve

Baston Fen (

Baston Fen Nature Reserve is just a 2 minute walk from Windmill Farm Caravan Park.

At 35 acres this reserve is the largest remaining area of wet fenland in Lincolnshire and is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Bird Watching at The Gravel Pits

The gravel pits that attract many bird watchers are just a few minutes drive from Windmill Farm Caravan Park

The various gravel workings between Langtoft and Baston, north of Peterborough have left numerous pits in varying stages of natural regeneration.

Willow Tree Fen Farm - a Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Windmill Farm Caravan Park is just 2.8 miles away from Willow Tree Fen Farm, one of Lincolnshire's 46 Wildlife Trusts.

Taken from their website : Willow Tree Fen | Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust (

"Many of our iconic wetland species are now thriving including lapwing, redshank, skylark, water rail, marsh harrier, shelduck, snipe, greater water parsnip, hairy dragonfly, spined loach and otter.

In 2020, a pair of cranes arrived at Willow Tree Fen and bred on the reserve for the first time - a first for Lincolnshire for at least 400 years."

Garden Centres near Windmill Farm Caravan Park

Waterside Garden Centre less than 5 miles from Windmill Farm Caravan Park Waterside Garden Centre | Baston near Peterborough

Baytree Garden Centre is approximately 11 miles from Windmill Farm Caravan Park Baytree a world of gardening (

Springfields Festival Gardens less than 10 miles from Windmill Farm Caravan Park Baytree a world of gardening (